Starting on June 2017 with the release of  FIRE IN THE MIND, we are introduced to this complex man, who has been blessed- or cursed- with actual psychic gifts. He is asked to aid Detective Bill McGee to help solve a baffling murder and ends up confronting a psychopathic killer who can start fires with nothing more than his thoughts.

     It is followed by SEDUCTON IN THE MIND (September 2017) and REUNION IN THE MIND (November 2017) and is planned as a continuing series.

    Arjay's novel, THE MUSE, a  tale about a man possessed by a parasite that forces him to write horror stories became a finalist in the Chanticleer Book Review "Paranormal" competition and is now available on Amazon

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     Arjay has been writing on a steady basis for years and has completed over a dozen novels.

    His first series to be released follows the adventures of Parapsychologist Doctor Leonard Wise in the IN THE MIND series, which consists of six finished manuscripts.



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