An Open Letter to my daughter on her 30th Birthday

Sunday, November 19, 2017 6:45 PM

My darling daughter;

It was thirty years ago that your life began and mine was changed forever. I always wanted a child, not just from the innate desire all creatures possess to reproduce, but for the actual experience.  

It has been quite a ride— for both of us.

From the early days when you were a tiny baby and the two years of sleepless nights, it has been a challenge and a reward. From birth, I was so finely tuned to you that during the night, when you would begin to fuss and I would be fully awake. It was amazing that a part of my mind was always listening for you.

It was a blessing and a curse that you grew up with both your mother and my own best qualities and some of our worse. You and I have always had hot tempers, which could flare over trivial things.  With that temper however, came a willingness to quickly forgive and forget.

It is unfortunate your mother and I could not stay together. However, it is obvious that we couldn’t work as a team. Because of this, your allegiances were pulled and stretched, not wanting to be disloyal to one parent, but not sure whose side you should be on. In retrospect, I would have preferred to not put that upon you.

Also you experienced difficulties being the daughter of a performer. When I had you on weekends,  I needed to drag you from one event to another, and you had mixed feelings over the fact that you were not chosen to participate in parts of my show.

You certainly were tested with me as your father and we even had times when we were estranged. However, even in those dark times, I never stopped loving you.

But now, I can look at the woman you have become, and I marvel. That tiny little child has grown to be a remarkable woman. Fiercely loyal, remarkable strong, and undeniably smart,  I am astounded by the person you are and the person you choose to be.

It is said our role as parents is to bring good people into the world. If that is the goal, then I can relax in the knowledge that you are indeed a such a person, and I am proud of you and all you do.


Your Father