in film, (BEYOND BELIEF, DOWN IN FLAMES, BEAR WITH US ) and graced the small screen. (LAW & ORDER, THE TODAY SHOW). He is married to Debra Snow Lewis and has one daughter, Rayna.

     Arjay has been writing since the 1990's in several different genres. His work as an actor and producer encouraged his screenplay work and his successfully published short stories pushed him into novels and magazine series.

     He currently prefers to use the  term 'writer' for his work, as it is the active noun. One might be an author, but every day the job is writing-- one word, paragraph, and page at a time.

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     Arjay Lewis, born Robert Joseph Lewis, has been entertaining people since the early 1970's.  First as a puppeteer, then as a professional magician, which won him coveted roles on Broadway. (BARNUM, THE HIGH  ROLLERS) He has appeared



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